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The English county of Hertfordshire dates back to the ninth century, when it was founded during the Norse-Saxon wars. The county grew prosperous due to commerce with London. Hertfordshire, UK is a county which is land-locked and it has served as the seat of Parliament many times during its long history.

In the beginning, this county relied on paper-making and brewing in order to develop. Later, aircraft manufacturing became an important country industry. These days, the country is home to more than one million residents. At present, Hertfordshire generates most of its income via commerce, industry and services. Very few Hertfordshire residents work in the fishing, forestry and agriculture industries.

Hertfordshire Has a Colourful Heritage

A trio of ancient Roman roads ran through Hertfordshire during the tenth century. This network of roads was the reason why the county was able to supply nearby London with so many goods. It was easy for merchants from the country to travel to London and vice versa!

Many people in the county got rich by offering the City of London some of what it needed! During the 19th century, a series of rail links were constructed which created an even stronger link with London.

Hertfordshire has even more historical relevance due to being the home of a variety of uprisings against the British Royal Family. For example, the Peasants' Revolt, the First Barons' War, the English Civil War and the War of the Roses were, at least partly, held on Hertfordshire land. As well, esteemed writer, Geoffrey Chaucer (as well as beloved children's author, Beatrix Potter), hail from the county. In addition, many British PMs grew up in Hertfordshire.

The county has a lot of abandoned settlements. These were abandoned due the Plague and they remain a powerful symbol of the horrors of the Black Death.

County Landmarks are New and old

This county is a delightful blend of new and ancient. For example, it's home to Six Hills, which are an assortment of Roman barrows within the town of Stevenage. As well, it's the home to an ultra-modern film studio, which is called Leavesden Film Studios, and which is known for being the studio where much of the Harry Potter movies were filmed.

Now that you know more about the history of Hertfordshire, UK, why not plan a trip to this historic country today? It's a beautiful place to explore and definitely has a rich and dimensional heritage.