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Top Five Questions You Should Ask When Buying A Property

When buying a property, it is essential that buyers refer to a list of requirements which the home should meet, ensuring that no mistakes are made in this crucial decision. Our agents here at Own Homes aim to deliver the perfect property during your search, and below we have created a handy list to assist clients with creating their individual checklists. It is advisable to bring this list to viewings, or to refer to it during online searches.

  1. What is the history of the property?

Researching the history of a property is always advisable as it indicates how the value of a property has changed over recent years. For example, a particular style of house or area might be becoming increasingly popular, thus reaping many future benefits for buyers if they wish to sell.

Estate agents are also on hand to discuss how long a property has been for sale, as this could reveal the possibility to place an offer lower than the asking price, if the property is above budget.

  1. Does the property requirement maintenance work?

Perhaps the most obvious question presenting itself is whether the property requires maintenance work. In some cases, online photos do not show the reality of a property, so arranging a viewing to assess maintenance is recommended. Maintenance costs must be factored into the asking price if required, which a client’s budget may not allow for. For example, checking the drainage and water systems is advantageous, as it is not always obvious that there are faults and this is very expensive to replace.

  1. How would you describe the local neighbourhood?

Buyers should consider the surroundings of the property, to decipher whether the property would serve as a good match for their lifestyle. For example, investigating local schools would be advantageous for families. Furthermore, for those with young children, buyers may wish to make inquiries regarding local neighbours and how noisy the area is. It is also useful to research bus schedules and train lines, if the client wishes to use public transport regularly.

  1. Who are the sellers?

In order to ensure a smooth transaction and move, buyers may wish to inquire about the sellers, to discuss whether they are part of a property chain (this refers to a line of buyers and sellers linked together because each is selling and buying a property from one of the others). If a house is part of a property chain, this can cause disruption if one transaction falls through.

  1. Should I contact a conveyancing solicitor?

It is recommended to contact a reputable conveyancing solicitor, as they will be in a position to provide in depth details regarding the property. Conveyancing solicitors offer advice dealing with the land and surrounding area. For example, if the house has been affected by flooding in the past, the boundaries of the property, future planning applications which may have an effect on the owners and other relevant covenants.

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