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Tenant information

Finding the right property to rent can be a daunting experience.

Not so if you let the team at OWN HOMES do all the work.

Step 1 - Firstly, we’ll listen to all of your requirements. Properly listen, so your valuable time isn’t wasted. We’ll show you a range of properties that meet your needs, accompanying you on all viewings and providing key information about each of them.

Do you need an office or an entertainer’s kitchen? No problem.

Maybe you need off-road parking for four vehicles or a large garden for your children and their friends, or perhaps you just need a small one-bedroom flat that’s low maintenance?

We can help with all of this.

Step 2 – Once you’ve found your ideal property, we’ll get the ball rolling for you to move in. This will probably mean completing paperwork to secure the property and have it taken off the market while references are undertaken.

Step 3 – There is no way to avoid the paperwork required to rent a property. It’s there for a very good reason, to protect you and the landlord. Fear not though, the team at OWN HOMES will handle most of this for you and certainly advise exactly what you need and when. This might include checking references with your previous landlord’s and a credit check to make sure that you can cover the rent. You’ll need your bank details, details of your employment and in some cases, a guarantor, who would be liable if you don’t meet your contractual obligations regarding rent and care of the property.

Step 4 – Once everything is agreed, you’ll need to pay a deposit, which is usually five weeks of the rent. It’s held for the duration of the tenancy as a safety net for the landlord to protect against the cost of replacing or repairing any damages when you vacate. New legislation, introduced in 2007, requires landlords to join a statutory tenancy deposit scheme, which means that the funds are held by a third, independent party. This has cut down on disputes and made the system fairer for everybody.

Step 5 – We’ll organise a professional inventory, a key document that details every item within the property and the condition it is in on the day you move in.

Step 6 – Sign up. The OWN HOMES team will liaise with you and the landlord to sort the most appropriate tenancy agreement, so that everybody is clear on the arrangement and their obligations. We’ll provide you with a copy of your rights and responsibilities.

Step 7 – Pick up the keys. Then comes the fun part, settling in and making your new property a home.

Let the team at own homes take the hassle out of moving

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