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Sales FAQ

Here are some of the questions we get asked all the time about the buying and selling process.

Do you sell properties in my area?
Own Homes successfully sell and let properties throughout Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.
Do you sell properties of all sizes and condition?
Yes, we have a vast range of properties in our portfolio. Please call us for more details.
Do I have to display a ‘for sale’ board? What benefit is there to displaying one?
It is not compulsory to have a display board, however, it does generate interest in your property and can result in quicker and more profitable sales.
When you value my property, what benchmarks do you use?
We use comparable evidence of other properties in your area to make our valuations. We also take into account the current market conditions.
Will I still have to pay your fees if my property does not sell, or is removed from the market?
No, we strictly work on a no sale, no fee basis, so unless your sale goes through to completion there will be no fee payable.
Can I list my property with you if it is already on the market with another Estate Agent?
Yes, we are happy to operate on a multi-agency basis.
We are first time buyers. Can you help arrange a mortgage?
Yes, we offer independent mortgage advice and can look at the whole market for you rather than being tied in to specific lenders.
As first time buyers, are there any schemes to help us on to the property ladder?
There are a number of government schemes to assist first time buyers, so please give us a call or pop in to see us so we can chat through your options.
If my property is on the market with Own Homes, will you conduct my viewings?
Yes, we are happy to accompany your viewings to offer honest and instant feedback. We can happily conduct viewings if you are not at home.
Will I receive feedback from viewings?
Full and honest feedback is given after each viewing as quickly as possible.

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