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What can you sell for?

Do you know how much your property is worth?

The value of your property depends on a multitude of factors including market conditions, the state and condition of your house, recent sales of nearby properties and even the economic climate. Some of these are within your control to vary and others of course, are not.

The team at Own Homes advise on all of these variables and give you tips to help boost the value of your property.

Some of these include:

  • Tidying up – a clean and de-cluttered home is definitely more appealing to potential buyers
  • Great photographs – often these are the first things that people are drawn to. They also need to be realistic though. Many of us have been disappointed by something we’ve purchased because of a great image, be it a holiday destination or recycled item off eBay.
  • Fix any obvious problems – be it a leaky tap, missing roof tiles, rotten joists or squeaky floorboards. So many of these things just need a solid DIY approach to sort out. People won’t notice if they’re fine but they will notice and potentially be put off if they are not.
  • Storage – everybody craves cupboards and shelves to tuck away their possessions and keep a home ordered. It helps to highlight where you have additional storage.
  • Decorate – a simple lick of paint, in neutral colours, can really brighten up the look and feel of your property, and present it as a “blank canvas” for potential buyers to simply turn it into their dream home.

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Enhancing your return

The team at Own Homes can also offer other less obvious simple tips to make sure that your property presents well and stands out above others, such as leaving lights on in darker areas, fresh flowers and an enticing entrance to your home.

How we sell your home

After providing you with a free valuation and appraisal of the current property climate, we will prepare a marketing pack that highlights the features of your home. This includes strong photography, accurate floor plans and well-written descriptions. We’ll then make sure that all the right information ends up in the hands of the right people. All of our properties are published on our own website and other leading property sites.

Naturally, we understand that selling and buying property can be a stressful experience, but armed with the right information and advice, given at the right time it can be enjoyable. If the end result is that you move into your dream home then it’s all worth it! Our sales professionals are experienced, friendly and can talk you through the process to reassure you every step of the way.

Move on, move up … get the ball rolling with Own Homes.

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