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Top Five Tips for Making Moving Day as Un-Stressful as Possible

Moving house should be an exciting experience, bringing clients a wealth of new opportunities to explore within their new homes. Although Moving Day has many associations with stress and hassle, Own Homes wishes to assist clients with their move and highlight 5 Top Tips in order to ease this pressure. Own Homes encourages clients to consider these tips and we can guarantee that Moving Day will be less stressful.

  1. Organise Your Belongings

Prior to Moving Day, clients should allow for plenty of time to organise and pack. Working on a room-by-room basis should allow clients to set a packing system in place where belongings are packed in an organised and helpful manner. Implementing a label system should furthermore ease the stress of moving, this can be done using a colour-coding system or finding appropriate labels for each box. In order to assist removal companies, clients should use the same size boxes, so that their belongings are easy to store in the removal vans. Remember, beginning your packing early allows for time to consider the most effective way to pack your belongings!

  1. Professional Removal Companies

Own Homes encourages clients to explore their options in terms of seeking a reliable and professional removal company. We are on hand to recommend different companies, suitable for all types of moves! Moving all your belongings can be tough, but it doesn’t need to be with the aid of an experienced and trustworthy team, ensuring the pressure and workload of moving are reduced. Clients should also note that it may be required that they reserve sufficient space outside of the properties for the team to pack and unload their possessions.

  1. Pre-Move Admin 

It is essential to carry out some change over admin and working through this admin prior to moving is guaranteed to make the process less stressful. For example, clients should change their address for any subscriptions, bank details, and identification cards, so that post/packages can be redirected to their new home. Whilst changing of address can be done well in advance to Moving Day, closer to the actual day clients can change their utilities over to their new home.

  1. Last-Minute Checks

On Moving Day, it is essential to carry out a final sweep of the property, to ensure no belongings have been left behind. It could also be useful to take photos of each room upon departure so that there can be no disputes on the condition of the property after departure. This shall provide clients with peace of mind so that they can settle into their new homes without any worries.

  1. Ask For Help

Moving can be extremely stressful, but Own Homes are on hand to help clients should they require assistance. Asking for help, be that from Own Homes, family and friends or neighbours will ease the stress of moving on clients. For example, finding daycare for children could help with Moving Day, and creating a contact list with all essential phone numbers is good preparation for Moving Day.

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