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A Moving Day Box and What You Will Need In It

Upon moving day you will likely become very overwhelmed with the accumulation of boxes scattered around your new property. To avoid the task of having to rummage through these boxes, it is advisable to organise a separate box containing essential possessions, which you will need immediately upon arrival. Own Homes have created a useful and systematic checklist, which can guide you with organising your belongings for this box.

  • Documents and Travel Items

On moving day a situation could arise where you need to produce essential documents. These could include house deeds, passports or land registry paperwork. It is advantageous to have both paper and digital copies, neatly organised and readily available. Should you prefer to use digital copies, it is recommended to have portable chargers and laptops to hand. It is furthermore advantageous to create a list of numbers, such as estate agents, solicitors and other emergency contacts, which are easily accessible.

  • Toiletries

Having an organised box of toiletries is guaranteed to make moving day less stressful. Packing essential items such as soap, towels, toothpaste and painkillers should assist with easing the strenuous task of moving. It is also possible for the property to be in a poor condition regarding cleanliness, so including basic cleaning products in this box may reap benefits.

  • Kitchenware

Whether you plan on cooking or making coffee, having certain kitchenware available will be useful. Purchasing disposable cups, plates and cutlery will provide an easy and inexpensive solution to lost kitchenware, whilst you are in the process of unboxing your possessions.

  • Food and Non-Perishables

Moving day can be entirely exhausting, but it will be easier if you have snacks and other non-perishables available to hand. Organising packed lunches will settle your children and quell the inevitable moving day stress. For your first few days in your new property, having items such as pasta, bread and sauces will be useful in providing quick and easy meals.

  • Bedroom

After a tiring day of travel and organising boxes, movers will be thankful if bed linens, towels, pillows and duvets are easy to locate amongst their possessions. If a bed frame needs to be assembled, having a DIY kit to hand would be convenient. This kit could include hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tapes and pliers. Whilst you are tasked with this, having items to entertain your children will make the process efficient and hassle-free. These could include books, puzzles, gaming devices and other favourite toys.

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