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Adding Value To Your Property and Making Your Home More Saleable

Adding value to your property prior to selling unlocks a wealth of opportunities. It both increases the likelihood of the property selling, and grants you with a larger portfolio of properties to consider during your own buying process, as your budget has increased. Own Homes discusses below how to add value to a property, whilst remembering the importance of the changes being affordable and financially beneficial. Here at Own Homes we can offer tailored advice to your personal situation, and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your property.

  • Revamping Outdated Rooms
  • When searching for new homes, data suggests that buyers are more inclined towards convenient properties which do not require maintenance work. In 2019, 22% of homes sold had an extension added and 29% of homes had new bathrooms. Key rooms to consider altering are the kitchen and bathrooms. This is due to the fact that buyers will be deterred from purchasing a property with a faulty kitchen and bathroom due to the inevitable costs of building work.

    It is however possible to rework a kitchen for a low price, if a seller is prepared to spend a substantial amount of time searching for units and appliances priced at competitive costs. It can be useful to contact demonstration rooms and inquire about their stock which they no longer have use for. Whilst it may appear expensive to buy new appliances, this will prove to be an advantageous investment in the future, adding value to your house.

  • Easier Steps To Take
  • It may not always be required to carry out building work. Instead simple tasks such as repainting rooms and replacing stained carpets will increase the likelihood of the property selling. Neutral colours are more favourable, as this suggests the house is a blank canvas, where buyers can easily alter it to suit their individual styles.

    It is also important to spend time researching different builders and traders, perhaps asking friends and family for recommendations, and eventually requesting quotes. This will give you an approximate estimate regarding building costs and will help you plan a detailed budget. However, it is known that tradesmen often underestimate costs, so clients should allow for unanticipated costs.

  • Preparing For Viewings
  • In order to make your home more attractive to buyers, prior to viewings the home should be rigorously decluttered and cleaned. Simple tasks such as organising bedrooms and cleaning bathrooms will reap many benefits and should never be underestimated.

    Furthermore, it is worth considering whether there is too much furniture, as this could make a property seem smaller than the dimensions. It is advisable to not only remove excess furniture, but also to make sure the home is quiet. Arranging for children and pets to be looked after during a viewing will allow buyers to roam the property freely and take their time to assess whether it would be a suitable match for them.

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