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Having Trouble Selling Your Home?

Experiencing difficulties with selling your home can present itself as a tireless and despondent task. As a vendor, you perhaps feel like you have navigated various avenues, but without the sale coming into fruition. Here at Own Homes, we encourage our clients to use our informative guide to inspire them with their property’s journey. However, should you feel that direct contact would be beneficial to your case, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our expert team today on 01438 367753.

    Initial Checks

Although it is optimal to carry out these checks prior to placing the property on the market, reviewing these factors could prove to be insightful:

  • Kerb Appeal
  • If possible, the vendor should attempt to view the property from a buyer's point of view. For example, consider if there is flaking paint, stained carpets or if the garden needs maintaining. First impressions and photos are extremely valuable in capturing buyers’ attention, so consider the fine details of your property.

  • Declutter and Clean
  • Regardless of maintenance, the cleanliness of the property should be evaluated. It could be advantageous to employ a professional cleaner prior to viewings, to ensure the home is decluttered and visually appealing.

  • Review the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • If potential buyers would be subject to high energy expenditure upon moving into the property, it can be unappealing in the initial stages of considering the property. If the EPC was carried out a long time ago, consider how the energy rating has changed and if the property could benefit from a new boiler or insulation.

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • You might consider having the boiler serviced and an electrical installation condition report being carried out, in order to boost buyers’ confidence in the property.

    Further Action

If your property has received no interest it is advisable to remain calm, as there is still action which can be taken to increase the likelihood of the property selling:

  • Price
  • It could be advantageous to reconsider the price of the property. For example, examining similar properties in the same area could reveal problems with the asking price. If you are unsure, contact estate agents and they can assist with finding comparable properties.

  • Marketing
  • Vendors should consider how the property is being presented. Do the photos do the property justice? Is it worth filming the property in addition to photos? Ensuring the property looks welcoming and spacious is essential, so it is advisable to consider the layout of furniture and quality of the photos. Buyers may additionally find it difficult to visualise empty rooms, so taking photos with and without furniture will reap benefits.

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