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Home Interior Trends for 2022

The pandemic has undoubtedly signalled a rebirth in home interior trends globally. Home interiors have had to adapt in order to accommodate people spending more time in their homes and provide an unprecedented versatility to account for these changes. These trends showcase a beautiful development within the interior design industry and below Own Homes have taken time to explore and discuss these trends.

Focus on Nature

First and foremost, interior designers have chosen to place a focus on nature and the pastoral within the home. Perhaps due to lockdown measures and the inability to spend as much time outdoors during the peak of the pandemic, many homes now use plants and organic materials, such as cork boards and wood as a focal point within their design visions. Utilising plants, flora and fauna within the home helps to create a feeling of open space, detracting from a claustrophobic and cluttered atmosphere that lockdown measures may have induced in some homes.

Cottagecore Aesthetic

Within the increase in plant and blub sales, home interior trends saw a rise in what is known as the Cottagecore aesthetic. This interior design trend focuses on nature and rural, simplistic life. Within this aesthetic shades of green, pale pinks and warm whites are frequently used. With a focus on nature and the use of organic materials, wooden furniture can be found throughout the home, alongside an abundance of greenery and plants. Interior designers will choose to use warm textures and natural materials with Cottagecore, carefully selecting rugs and cushion covers to create a cosy atmosphere and idea of being at one with nature.


In order to reinforce the sense of serenity within the home, it is essential to keep a tidy and decluttered living space. With many working from home during the pandemic, there has been a rise in multi-functional and versatile furniture. Minimalism allows for these goals, as it places an emphasis on functionality and organisation, which is especially desirable for those living in smaller spaces in cities. In these cases the workplace is often also a living space, thus many have chosen to adopt a minimalistic approach with interior design to ensure there is space to both work and relax. Within minimalism soft palettes in beiges and greys, rounded shapes and drawing inspiration from nature are frequently used, therefore minimalism and Cottagecore often come hand in hand. 

Retro style is on the rise

Finally, trends would suggest that a retro style is on the rise, within many interior design companies utilising eclectic styles from the 50s, 60s and 70s. These designs embrace originality, often using bright Pantone colours and patterned wallpapers. Similarly to minimalism, a retro style will use rounded shapes, especially with sofas and beds in order to showcase the bold and unique sense of retro interior design.

Whether it be Cottagecore, minimalism or retro, designing your home allows you to explore exciting opportunities and embrace your originality!

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