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More on House prices in Stevenage

Stevenage is a large town in Hertfordshire, with a population of approximately 80,000, situated 29 miles north of London. It has been commended for having fantastic transport links to major cities such as Cambridge and Leeds, and is a mere thirty minutes by train from London. Not only does Stevenage offer easy accessibility to other towns, it provides its inhabitants with a balance between city and rural life, exhibiting an astonishing abundance of countryside within a close proximity to the town.
With the city’s unique balance of scenery, it can be divided into three areas, each with their own sense of individuality and character. These areas are known as Old Town, Stevenage Town Centre and the Industrial Area. This article shall aim to provide our clients with an informed overview of the average house prices in Stevenage, but it must be noted that property prices are subject to consistent fluctuation. Please do not hesitate to contact us today and we shall endeavour to provide you with information regarding Stevenage’s wealth of possibilities.

Average Prices

The average property price within Stevenage’s postcode area is £414,000. This exhibits an increase of £22,600 over the past twelve months and it is no surprise considering the advantages of living in Stevenage. The price of an established property is £414,000, whilst new builds can be sold for approximately £400,000, offering potential buyers both modern and traditional builds. Across the period between October 2020 and September 2021, there were approximately 6,100 property sales, showcasing the desires of many to relocate to Stevenage. 

Old Town

A recent article from The Hertfordshire Mercury referred to Stevenage’s Old Town as a ‘hidden gem’, due to the tremendous display of property available. Detached properties in Stevenage’s Old Town ordinarily request offers in excess of £700,000, however there are a range of semi detached properties available from anywhere between £400-600,000 depending on the size and number of bedrooms. Whilst they are not as common, there are flats in Old Town available for around the £300,000 mark, making Stevenage the perfect location for first time buyers working in London. Due to the surrounding beauty of the area, properties in Old Town tend to be more expensive, as the average price of property in Stevenage in its entirety is £414,000 over the past year (2021).

Stevenage Town Centre

Due to the more central location, the majority of sales in Stevenage Town Centre are terraced properties, averaging an approximate price of £280,000, yet apartments can sell for £150,000. With the average price of property across England at £249,000, Stevenage is an attractive location due to the prices of properties. Stevenage’s Town Centre may not offer the greenery of the Old Town, but it certainly comes out on top in terms of the amenities it offers, with a plethora of restaurants and shops close by.

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