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Reasons To Make Your Rental Property Feel Homely

Over the recent years a clear trend has emerged within the property market: more people than ever are choosing to rent rather than buy their homes. The Irish Times reported that one in five people are now living in rental accommodation and the overall rate of home-ownership has declined to its lowest since 1971. With renting becoming more common than owning property for those under the age of 35, the desire to make rental properties feel homely is stronger than ever. Before you start, review your contract and ask for your landlord’s permission to make changes to avoid damage liability.

Own Homes has curated an article to discuss reasons why you should invest time and effort into creating a homely property, but please get in contact with us today should you wish to discuss further.

  • Improving Your Relationship With Your Landlord
  • If it becomes clear to a landlord that you have taken care of your property through making it feel homely, your landlord may be amenable to extending your lease. Landlords like to see that their properties have been well maintained and they may even consider not increasing your rent over time, which is common practice in renting property. Tasks such as ensuring the furniture and carpets are in good condition and perhaps repainting walls (with their consent) will boost your landlord's confidence in your ability to maintain their property and will additionally make it feel homely.

  • Working Remotely
  • Due to the pandemic, many people have had to adapt and begin working remotely from their homes. This change is guaranteed to be easier if you feel more comfortable in your home. Adding textiles, artwork and plants are all examples of how to make your office feel homey and create a space where you can work in a welcoming environment.

  • Add Your Individual Quirks
  • Lastly and most importantly, it is valuable to make your rental property feel homely, because it is a space to express your individuality and interests. With more people than ever living in rental properties, the trend suggests that renters may choose to spend an extended period in their property, rather than unnecessarily committing to buying . It will make the experience more enjoyable if you invest time into creating a homely environment and you may find yourself inspired to stay in the property for an extended period of time.

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