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The Benefits of Living in Stevenage

Looking for a town that ticks all the boxes? Stevenage has become extremely popular in recent years, with the town situated just 27 miles north of London and boasting a wide range of career opportunities, shops, and schools. Here at Own Homes, we strive to assist our clients in finding the perfect property and we are on hand to discuss the opportunities Stevenage has to offer. Read below to discover why you should consider Stevenage in your property search.

Is Stevenage up and coming?

  • New Town
  • Since the build of the New Town in 1946, Stevenage has made a name for itself, with the area bursting with convenient shops and national transport links. Stevenage is a town of historical importance, as it was designated the UK’s first New Town. Since 1946, the New Town has expanded and is home to a community of people who enjoy the array of amenities it has to offer.

  • Old Town
  • Stevenage’s Old Town is home to boutique shops, independent restaurants and is arguably a hidden treasure of Hertfordshire. If you would like to escape the crowds, Old Town benefits from quiet streets and green spaces.

    Where should I live near Stevenage?

    One of the benefits of living in Stevenage lies in its ideal location. Stevenage and its surrounding area perfectly strike the balance between rural and city life. Located in picturesque Hertfordshire, Stevenage is a stone’s throw away from both London and sleepy countryside villages. Below are just two examples of areas of outstanding beauty close to Stevenage.

  • Hitchin
  • Hitchin is a historic market town with reliable and fast transport connections to Stevenage. You can reach Stevenage from Hitchin via a 15 minute car journey, 25 minute bus journey or 35 train journey. Hitchin is equipped with a wealth of shops and amenities, coupled with access to Stevenage’s job opportunities, making it an extremely desirable place to live.

  • Royston
  • Many consider Royston in their property search, as it lies just 25 minutes via car from Stevenage yet offers a close-knit community and access to the expansive British countryside. With a fantastic selection of shops and schools, be sure to check out Royston and discuss any questions you may have with our team today.

    What kind of area is Stevenage?

  • Commuting Town
  • Many choose to leave London for Stevenage, as it is more affordable and offers quick and convenient transport links. Stevenage is also within close proximity to the countryside, with ample traditional pubs and countryside walks nearby. Escape the bustle of London and commence your property search with Own Homes to explore the possibilities of Stevenage.

  • Job and Career Opportunities
  • Stevenage is known for its fantastic job opportunities, with many large companies operating from the town. Stevenage, and in particular Gunnels Wood Road, is home to many renowned commercial firms including GSK and Airbus. Stevenage conveniently sits close to the M24, A1, Luton Airport and Kings Cross Station, offering access to jobs in a variety of sectors.

    What is special about Stevenage?

  • Shopping and Amenities
  • Stevenage is equipped with every amenity you could need. From small boutiques in the Old Town, to large supermarkets and commercial offices, Stevenage has it all.

  • National Trust Significance
  • Whilst Stevenage is a busy town, it sits closely to areas of outstanding beauty, such as Knebworth House. This National Trust site is perfect for family outings and offers a historic house to explore, dating back to the Tudor times.

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