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What is the rental growth forecast for the UK in 2024?

The UK's rental market has always been a subject of intrigue, a complex interplay of economic, societal, and political factors. As 2024 approaches, many stakeholders — landlords, tenants, and investors seek insights into the future trajectory of rental prices. Current forecasts for the UK's rental growth in 2024 offer a multi-faceted picture.

Here is what experts are predicting:

  • Economic backdrop: The global economic landscape has been undulating, with repercussions from the pandemic continuing to ripple. The UK has seen a modest economic recovery, but lingering uncertainties pose challenges. The Bank of England's interest rate decisions and government housing policies will significantly influence the rental market. As of now, a moderate but steady economic growth is anticipated which will play a pivotal role in rental demand.
  • Urban centres to lead growth: Post-pandemic migration saw a temporary shift away from city centres, with people opting for suburban or countryside living. However, as workplaces reopen, and urban economies revitalise; cities like London, Manchester, and Edinburgh are expected to witness a rebound in rental demand. This resurgence is forecasted to drive rental growth in these urban hubs, especially in prime locations.
  • Supply constraints: The UK has historically grappled with a housing shortage and 2024 is unlikely to see a dramatic change in this narrative. The supply of rental properties is not expected to match the rising demand, particularly in popular areas. This imbalance is predicted to contribute to an upward pressure on rental prices.
  • Impact of technology: With the ascent of 'Proptech' (Property Technology), the property rental market is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Platforms offering virtual viewings, seamless tenant-landlord communication, and data-driven rental price suggestions are becoming the norm. This could lead to a more efficient market, where rental prices more accurately reflect property values and amenities.
  • Brexit's continued legacy: Brexit's long-term consequences are still unfolding, and its impact on the rental market is no exception. The decrease in EU nationals in the UK workforce, combined with changes in regulations and property investment dynamics, may influence rental demand in certain regions. The full implications remain to be seen, but they warrant close observation.
  • Conclusion: In conclusion, the UK rental growth forecast for 2024 is cautiously optimistic. Urban areas are likely to experience heightened demand, and with supply constraints persisting, rental prices might see an uptick. Nevertheless, external factors like economic performance, technological advancements, and the aftereffects of Brexit will play crucial roles in shaping the actual growth. For those looking to invest or make informed decisions, staying updated and adaptable is the key.

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